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L E T T E R from Jac – You Can Practice Integrated Meditation Anywhere

Not all meditation techniques are the same, so I want to preface this with saying if you practice a technique where you need absolute quiet, this is not for you!

I put down the success of our daily mantra-based practice of Integrated Meditation with our students, to the fact that you can do it anywhere, so you can actually fit it in. From this, the results come. It’s pretty simple really, you have to meditate to experience what meditation can give you. So if you can’t find the time to ever fit it in, or the quiet space to meditate then this will be a major barrier.

We call the meditation sometimes IaM Sessions. I.M. spoken out loud sounds like I AM. And this is exactly what we are doing, coming back to being a human being, rather than a constant human doing. With your IaM Sessions, you can practice anywhere. You don’t need a silent spot, and as we all know, the noise in our heads is always far noisier anyway. So for all our students out there, start playing around with your practice! Get creative, as noise is no barrier. Uber, sitting in a park, sitting in your parked car, meeting room at work, lounge room, bedroom, a chair anywhere. Fire escapes and cleaning closets are popular with our meditators working in corporate!

Integrate your daily IaM Session into your noisy life, and watch the volume on your stress and tension turn down, and the volume on your creativity and resilience turn up. We would love our students to join us on the Integrated Meditation Facebook Group and share their spots to meditate that seem a little crazy but work.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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