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L E T T E R from Jac – Your Anchors

I know I bang on and on about Values, but I truly see them as anchors for our souls. When we are a little or a lot lost, we can come back to our Values and they will inform our decisions and what path we should be taking. I teach about Values and have some pretty fun ways of unlocking our Values, as in the beginning it can be a little bewildering. Values are something we discuss in our home constantly, and it’s something I am continually teaching in corporate and creative workplaces, as knowing your Values really is that freaking helpful!!

If you have no idea what your personal values are, we made this short but to the point little video to get you started in The Classroom.

I hope you enjoy it, and it gets you understanding yourself on a deeper level.

Sent with love,

Jac x

P.S. If you think, oh I need a more detailed hand with Values, Elevate Part 1, our online Workshop is where we dive deeply into Values and workshop these a lot with practical tools and techniques to get you really clear. Not everything is a Value. And if you want even more help, join the Annual Elevate Program.

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