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L E T T E R from Jo – A Nudge From Nature

It can be amazing how fortifying and freeing it can be when you feel that you have no choice. You are compelled to act because the alternative is so powerfully wrong that it would be worse to endure than ignore. It’s the final straw, the tipping point, the last twig on the camel’s back before it breaks – it can be small or it can be large but it is the last time. Somehow the energy and the motivation springs forth and sets you on your course.

Whether it be sorting out your paperwork, taking a first jog around the block, resigning from that job or ending that relationship – you reach a point when change is the only option.

I like to think that this is Nature giving us a helping hand, setting us back on course when we get stuck or stagnant. Sometimes it’s because we are in avoidance mode, our head in the sand for just that little bit too long for fear of the unknown – needing that little push to force the shift that’s needed.

There can be immediate relief, deep down we knew change was needed but struggled to take action; and sometimes it is only years later when we look back do we appreciate just how much that change was needed to get us where we are today.

What might not be so apparent is that our gut or intuition is always ever so quietly suggesting the better choice giving us opportunities to make the changes we need. However, the comfort and security we feel from the ever known can easily give us a false sense of safety when the unknown option seems so risky and an inside flicker can easily be ignored.

Our regular meditation practice starts to turn up the volume on our intuition and awareness such that it is much clearer the things that truly feel good for us to do and choose, making the alternative that much more uncomfortable and harder for us to ignore. Ultimately we end up where we need to be, sometimes we just need that helpful nudge to get us there.


Jo x

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