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L E T T E R from Jo – Alright, Let’s Get Curious

It’s interesting, I love to learn. I love the possibilities, the fresh thinking that stretch the boundaries of my mind and help me to see things differently. Expanding my world to make it feel bigger than before.

However, I have recently worked out that what I really love is learning on my own terms. I decide when I’d like to expand, I’ll choose the topic thanks, and I’ll determine where and how. This is when I love learning. When the learning is thrust upon me, the topic is not on my wish list and the approach doesn’t suit me at the moment, then thanks but I will pass for now, I’m all learned out.

But, if I believe that life is happening for me then the lesson being served up to me, the lesson, that I don’t want thanks, there staring at me, waiting (and not always patiently) wants me to get on board and get learning. Therefore, I need to find a way through without wasting so much time, huffing and puffing about something that doesn’t look like I want or need.

What I have recently discovered is that Curiosity is my way through. It puts me back in the driver seat and taps in to my love of exploration, new ideas and perspectives. It’s the power move of learning. Curiosity opens the door for me when I’m closing off, when my resistance sparks and when all I want is for things to stay the same, just for a minute more.

Curiosity shakes us up so that we quickly understand that what we first see, our first experience, that initial understanding is only a part of what is really going on. We are both the detective and the student, shifting from defeat to authority, firmly reminding us that we are the leaders of our own lives. Getting Curious is our boss move, for best results use it all the time.

Extra love,

Jo x

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