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L E T T E R from Jo – Always a Fresh Start

Hindsight is amazing. When you reflect back an hour, a day, a month or five years, life’s patterns reveal themselves to you, showing that things work out eventually – or at the very least show progress in a direction you may have never anticipated.

That personal disaster, break up or work challenge were all steps on the way and more than likely along with it an inner strengthening or shift that has meant a different, more expanded way of seeing the world and others in it.

Whilst knowing this doesn’t give us any magical abilities to see in to the future it can give us confidence, a certain reassurance that at some point in any dip it will rise again. This means that we can support the shift toward evolution by the choices and decisions we make today.

Fear, insecurities, feelings of frustration, anger and not enough-ness are likely to be there. In times of stress, it has been scientifically shown that we do not make good decisions, rather we revert to our lizard brains and fall in to our habitual reactions.

Have you ever noticed how annoying it is when you’re in the middle of a sh*t storm and someone tells you to relax or calm down or even to just breathe? Talk about having the opposite effect! It’s bloody hard to see new ways, responses and opportunities when you’re in the midst of overwhelm.

Having the tools you know support and work for you before you hit the dip is critical. We are responsible for our own bounce so knowing what works best for us, in advance, can be very powerful.

If you were to pause right now and ask yourself how full is your cup? Would you be happy or concerned? Can you even gauge where you are right now?

Consider all the things that light you up, both big and small – a fresh cup of coffee, a soft kiss on the cheek, sand through the toes, a breath of fresh air, a sunset, a stand up comedy gig, swimming in the ocean, traveling to new places, drinks with friends – whatever they are, do them, and do them often with appreciation and recognition. Enjoy them in advance, collect them and when you hit any dip, shallow or deep, use them to help you to respond, shifting you up and through.


Jo x

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