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L E T T E R from Jo – Always A Work In Progress

Technically we are all a finite story, we have a beginning, a middle and an end. The paradox is that we will never really be quite finished, we will always be that work in progress. This is where our treasure lies, the continuous unfolding, shifting and changing of ourselves, ultimately building our legacy, the imprint we leave behind.

We’ve likely all heard the saying, “necessity is the mother of all invention”, and the biggest driver is usually obstacles or barriers, things that aren’t working, reaching a crisis point, enough is enough, it can not simply stay as it is … this is when creation bursts through – bringing change, frissons of energy and new ways.

For us, as humans, as individuals, discomfort is our activation, it is our necessity. It’s the strongest signal that change is needed – creation, removal or both.

This doesn’t mean that when discomfort shows up, we automatically open our arms and embrace it. It can be very inconvenient – not now, why now?, come back next week, try again later… Our animal nature loves security, safety and sameness, seeing change of any kind as too risky and this may trigger a stress response in us, a contraction, which may initially shape our actions. This is okay.

Our awareness and desire to be better will give us the chance to lean in, to get closer with courage and curiosity, to bring what is needed, choosing actions in support of our growth, our evolution.

We have our values, we have our intentions to give rise to action, we have the legacy we are wanting to create, we have our compassion and we have our humanity. We can move through our discomfort, we can change and grow – we can do this.

There is always something special to be found in the possibilities of a life in progress.

Extra love,

Jo x

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