L E T T E R from Jo – Back to Love – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jo – Back to Love

When I am feeling any of those uncomfortable emotions – anger, frustration, sadness I can be spiky, hard, tight, stuck (you get the idea) and holding on only intensifies the experience for me and those around me. Letting go can become tricky, there’s a justification to bathe in the righteousness, wallowing seems to satisfy my ego – irrespective that previous evidence shows that this is always temporary and leads to no satisfaction ever. This pause and soaking in will start to seep in to my actions, my choices and the impact I have.

There is one thing that can cut through this BS, every time, and that one thing is love. When I turn my mind toward love I instantly soften, physically and emotionally. I can still be feeling the discomfort but the need to draw it out retreats, my vengeance stalls. Love is that soothing balm helping me to find the way through – giving me respite and a fresh lens. Sounds so lovely, so easy, right?

You know though, sometimes it can take a while to remember that love is there, available to me at any moment. Sometimes it’s a blurry fuzz seemingly vague and inaccessible, sometimes there are many imagined obstacles to reach it or sometimes it is simply put out of sight, ignoring its very existence. I have found the more I invoke love the more I remember it’s there for me, not always straight away but a little bit faster than before.

Getting back to love every time we lose it resets us, returning us to our true nature, giving us our anchor to continue onwards.

Extra love,

Jo x

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