L E T T E R from Jo – Bring A Picnic – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jo – Bring A Picnic

How many situations have you been in where you just keep cycling around and around, peddling the same words expecting this time round you’ll be heard, recognised, awarded the winner, the leader, the right-one, the best or whatever accolade or outcome you are seeking. In my vast (insert cheeky grin) experiences with these sorts of situations the likelihood of this happening are slim to none – and yet we (or I) sometimes persist – stuck in position, not moving but expecting progress.

A circuit breaker is needed… this field could be just that.

I love the idea that we could meet each other at a place where there is no blaming or right-fighting there just is. Without trying to convince, manipulate, scold or blame we accepted each other just as we are without judgment, righteousness or indignation – we just were. What a relief. No posturing or proving, no defending or attacking, no protecting or hiding – imagine that? What might we accomplish you and I together on that field? It’s a standing invite, sometimes you’ll beat me there and sometimes I’ll be waiting but either way, bring a picnic we might be hanging there for a while.


Jo x

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