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L E T T E R from Jo – But First, We Edit

I don’t know about you but when I’m looking to change something, a situation, aspects of my life, relationships, projects, you name it, my first thought is … What’s missing? What can I add? What can I bring in to “this” to change it for the better? It is only fairly recently that I have realised removal or more elegantly – editing – is usually the best first step when seeking change.

The process of editing can be very revealing. It is a strip back to the most important parts, sometimes that means reacquainting ourselves with the heart of what we’re working with, a reminder of where the value truly lies. It is not a case of throwing everything out no matter how tempting and appealing a fresh start or blank slate is… Editing is a refinement, a removal of that which no longer serves us, keeping only the parts that do.

Once this has been done, we can then look with renewed eyes at what really needs to change, keeping the what’s working and essential and then shifting to creation… moulding and shaping a new direction that will be built on strong foundations.

Another way of looking at this is to think of the different aspects of your life as a group of gardens. When establishing a garden on a plot of land, the first step is to weed and clear. Then we set up the fresh soil and plant whatever is needed to flourish and meet your needs. You, as the Head Gardener, can then continue to attend to your gardens – removing, tidying or planting as you go, creating a rhythm that is aligned to nature, the natural rhythm of life itself.

It’s easy to see those parts of our lives that have perhaps been ignored or neglected, the chaos, the lack of clarity, just like the weeds, obstructing, hiding our truths and opportunity for real growth. It’s also just as easy for us to see those areas we actively maintain and grow, cultivating to ensure the weeds don’t take hold so the beauty of our creations can expand and spread.

So, now when I contemplate the change, I need to make I start with the clearing of the weeds.


Jo x

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