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L E T T E R from Jo – Checking In With Your Life

This might be a bit harsh, Seth, but I get the idea. Holidays are great circuit breakers to check in with how you spend the majority of your time. If you’re on holiday and absolutely dread the thought of returning to the “real” world then you have a clue that maybe some things need changing. You can also be on holiday and don’t mind when you get back to your life, this is also a clue that whilst there might be things you’d like to shift, overall it’s pretty damn good!

When we stop doing our usual routine (whether it’s structured or not) it gives us a pause. This enables us to really consider our lives and what we’re up to. This can be a surprising reveal or a wonderful affirmation, either way, it gives us some pretty clear feedback to which we can respond.

We may find that due to the busyness of our day to day we are numb to what’s really going on and our own reaction to it. We are no longer taking an active leadership in our own destiny. Rather giving ourselves up to the hustle and bustle, handing ourselves over, jostled along seemingly powerless to do anything else but fall in line. It might be that we’ve handed ourselves over for so long that even if we could we have no idea what we would do anyway.

Or, we may find that this break from our typical days acts as an expander, an opportunity for growth to see things differently. Now, from a perspective that can help us challenge our regular lives with a gentle edit or a creative shift to more closely align to how we wish to be.

As meditators, we are very fortunate to experience these mini holidays twice a day, we no longer have to wait for an annual vacation to give us clues about how we are living. A regular and consistent practice ensures we don’t miss out on knowing exactly where we need to nudge ourselves to get back in alignment with our true selves.

Whilst you’re taking a break, look out for the clues, check in with your life so you can actively choose your next step.


Jo x

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