L E T T E R from Jo – Create, Maintain, Edit is Our Process – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jo – Create, Maintain, Edit is Our Process

Nature is all about evolving, moving forward, growing and changing. These movements can happen through creation or they can happen via destruction. When we actively create and continually edit, refine and weed out things that are no longer relevant and by this I mean genuinely no longer relevant at the very truth of us then we can find flow, working with, not resisting life. It will keep us growing and evolving, just like Nature intended.

When there is a blind spot, an avoidance, a head buried in the sand then we will get nudges to shift it. These can begin nice and gently, a reminder that something is no longer relevant in our lives. If we hear but don’t act then the nudges will get louder until nature, the universe, spirit has had enough and shifts it for us. Removing what no longer supports your ongoing progress and evolution, that obstacle that is getting in your own way will no longer be there. We’ve all experienced it – the mole hill that actually turned in to a mountain and could no longer be avoided or cold, hard truths slapping us directly in the face forcing us to deal with them.

We are Nature, creating the fresh and new; keeping and sustaining the supportive and relevant; editing and removing what no longer serves us is our process too.

Jo x

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