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L E T T E R from Jo – Doing Is The Way

I love learning new things, new facts, new ideas, new concepts – anything new! I like to be introduced to the new stuff, mulling it over, holding it, considering it, discussing it, critiquing it, sharing it – there’s a curiosity and love of exploring and expanding that quenches my thirst.

Intellectually that is.

Anything physically new to try, to test, to explore – I hesitate.

Why? Why does my desire and curiosity waiver when things go from abstract to reality? It’s actually not that it waivers or even changes it gets clouded, submerged and hidden behind a cloud of fear – Doing seems less safe than thinking about doing. It’s why I hesitate, even though the Doing usually begets the best learning and benefits me the most.

It’s easy to intellectually ‘get‘ something, using a bit of imagination lessons can be learned. It’s not until you actually Do that your knowledge sinks deeper, the experience of the Doing adds the extra dimension, the richness enhancing the understanding, taking you back round the idea to re-look at it with new eyes. It’s in the Doing that knowing reaches its full potential.

The lock-up of knowing and Doing, that we repeat over and over is when true expansion takes place, shifting us to new levels of awareness and opportunity. It’s not just our minds but all aspects of ourselves are part of this process and we grow as one.

It’s interesting when we consider our meditation practice – we meditate not to be great meditators but to be the best versions of ourselves when our eyes are open. The meditation is a facilitator, as is any knowledge and intellectual learning but without the activity or the Doing it is incomplete and possibly impotent.

When I consider the Doing as the experiment that helps my knowledge and imagination understand better and this expands my whole being, I know there’s really no choice but to do the Doing – feel that fear and do it anyway – and to be honest I know that I have not truly learnt anything until I’ve actually applied it.


Jo x

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