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L E T T E R from Jo – Enjoy the Unfurling

I love A-HA! moments – like that final piece of a giant puzzle clicking together and revealing all or a theatre curtain that only until fully raised do you appreciate the scene that is laid out in front of you. I love the accomplishment of these moments of realisation, things that had been fuzzy become crystal clear – I finally get it! They are glorious, treasured moments that put a smile on my face and progress in my heart.

Hearing these words from Jeff was one such moment… Kapow! How many years had I been looking for answers to solve the problems of me? Many! How successful was I with finding the solutions? Not very!

When faced with a problem, the mind and intellect switch into high gear, after all problems are their domain – let’s mull it over, even better, let’s ruminate on it every minute of the day, no time for anything else we are problem-solving! No time for sleep, it’s time to analyse! It’s not about the big picture, it’s about the microscope! Good grief, get me off this merry-go-round … we are not problems that need solving.

A problem is fixed, a process is dynamic. A problem needs a solution, a process is complete. A problem is unwanted, a process is integral. A problem is contracted, a process is expansive…

This beautiful lens we can use to look at ourselves can be transformative. It can certainly frame up how we treat ourselves, decisions we may make and actions we may take, to unfold who we are gently and compassionately. As a process, our imperfections, our frustrations, our less than best selves are only a mere part of our whole, automatically creating space for forgiveness and gratitude. Amazingly, it’s here in this space that I can actually now get to “let go” (after previously struggling for ages with the “how” of letting go).

So, I am a process, unfurling each day – revealing and changing – the possibility and potential all laid out in front of me. Now, I just need to make sure I don’t forget this as I go about my days…


Jo x

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