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L E T T E R from Jo – Get Calm and Then Carry On

When we are stressed and succumb to our animal nature we become self-centred. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is happening at us. We see it all as a threat … to us, it’s personal. When we see a threat, particularly something personal we will react accordingly – defend, attack, withdraw.

Automatically, it all comes pouring out of us – our vision narrows to allow for absolute focus on our target and then we launch with our weapon of choice. In this state, it’s a pinhole in which we use to see what’s going on – fear, anger, frustration, tension all help to shut us down until we have narrowed our focus so tightly that the target and only the target is in sight. Then we react… points to prove, positions to defend, things to hide …

When we are feeling this contracted, we are unable to see what is actually going on – we are closed off, bunkered down, focused – we have a threat to deal with! This is taking all of our energy, it’s exhausting, we can barely think beyond our very tiny window, we’re a hostage, suspended for a moment in a very small box. We do not feel so good.

By contrast, when we are feeling calm, relaxed, open – centred in self and expanded we see everything as an opportunity. A curiosity, something to explore and understand, potential brimming from stones yet unturned. In this way, our vision extends, broadens and stretches like a divine landscape full of nature’s treasures laid out for us – an entire field of possibility. From here, we can learn, we can create, we can connect. We are generous with ourselves, with others, with ideas, with ways of being. We are exploring, willing to find, willing to share, shape and shift. Fluid and loose. We can navigate our way across any terrain. We feel good. How can we be more like this, more often?

Whilst there are a few ways to do this, we are very fortunate that our twice daily meditation practice de-excites our nervous system, lifting out accumulated stress, tension and fatigue to bring us to our calm, relaxing our minds and bodies so that we too can be that powerful human, embodied throughout our days.

Extra love,

Jo x

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