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L E T T E R from Jo – Go On And Give The Gift

We are so excited to announce we are soon to release the First Edition of our Letters, in a self-published printed book format. Please stay tuned for details!

Do you ever feel that we have all been trained to revere the rational, the critical, the logical, the practical to such an extent that this is our first thought when shown something, anything from someone else or even our own self … it seems that it’s much “smarter” to point out the flaws, the holes, the giant gaps of impracticalities rather than spot the good, the strengths, the nuggets of gold.

It’s as though we save our appreciation and recognition for special occasions, holding back praise as though it could be used up, over-used and no longer meaningful, so special is it that we need to dole it out only very sparingly for fear that too much could spoil or ruin or lead to dangerous paths and choices. I would like to clear it up now – THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Shouty caps is a good reminder for me!

Consider, when was the last time you thanked someone, gave praise, shared appreciation , recognition and not in the broad, thank you manners kind of way, but the heart-felt, whole-hearted, deep feeling, connected kind of way?

Realise there is no quota, no limit – even if you’ve just done it – there is no end, you can keep going … although for clarity I’m not really meaning it in a “I don’t care”, flinging it all around indiscriminate kind of way, not that this is harmful, merely less impactful. How good does this feel? Know that the reverberations continue long after, for all involved, a beautiful moment long-held. Rest assured feeling smart is fleeting in comparison.

Next time you feel any kind of positive emotion, thought, vibe, image please express it, whether it’s to yourself, to others or to nature – please know that we’ll all be better off when you give this very precious gift.


Jo x

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