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L E T T E R from Jo – Impress Thy Self

When was the last time you set out to impress yourself? I mean as the main event, the sole objective, not as a residual side effect or as the unintended consequence of impressing others…

Just the thought, the very idea of setting the goal to impress myself by myself seems foreign, strange and yet there is something truly intriguing about it. The focus turned inward, the effort and attention all about impressing me, inspiring me and all done by me. Now that is fascinating.

At first glance it can seem a little self-absorbed, a little bit self-centred, even a little fanciful. However, when you take a second look, it really is about aligning with our values, being true to ourselves and coming from a centred-self. In doing so feeling inward satisfaction and nourishment – making a longer lasting impression for sure!

Consider a big meeting, a job interview, a chat with the boss, an important family discussion – how often is our attention drawn outward, our needs intensely supporting recognition, acceptance and positive favouring from others … our actions can become misaligned, second-guessing and needy; with any success fleeting and eventually unsatisfying.

Now re-imagine, shifting the focus from outward to an inward appreciation, the same situations coming from our inner place of being, our true essence with the sole aim of wow-ing ourselves. In doing so, we create space for openness, authentic connection and opportunity. We are creating in alignment with our true selves and it feels good not just for us but for those around us.

So, all I can say is look out, I’m on a mission to impress myself (I hope I can do it!)… and maybe you can see how it feels for you too.


Jo x

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