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L E T T E R from Jo – Just Do It

Have you ever been geared up to do something and just as you’re about to do it a teeny voice asks if you really should? I mean talk about an eleventh-hour intervention.

As a sneaky over-thinker I get lured in… “Ooooh maybe that’s my intuition telling me not to do something – I really should stop and listen, maybe think about what I’m doing a little bit more…”

Understanding that our ego likes to keep us small, contained and controllable because that is safe and safe is good. Whereas living a rich, engaged and dynamic life that sees us growing, evolving and transforming in to our best selves means new, unfamiliar settings and situations, and likely discomfort. You can start to see where the conflict might arise, you can also start to see where the protestations are likely to be coming from. Any shift out of the familiar has potential to trigger the over-think. The circuit breaker is to just go ahead do it and do it fast.

At the end of the day, we will never ever know whether the choices we make are the best ones because we don’t get to compare and contrast how our lives would forever be if we took option A or B or C or D or … We can feel good about the choices and decisions we make and we can feel not so good but we will still not know with certainty that they were the best or the worst. Hindsight can support our decisions but remember we only have hindsight for that one decision.

When it comes to making the call I try to use my own personal divining tool, my intuition. This gets strengthened and honed with regular and consistent meditation practice. Ready access to this fine level of feeling can help give the confidence to discern the better decision or choice in any moment, it is then up to me to act, immediately in that moment before it passes and changes and well before my mind can get me to pause and reconsider. It’s in that split second of choosing to do and then done that I can divert my overthinking self and then see where I land.


Jo x

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