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L E T T E R from Jo – Laughing Is A High Priority

Humour is one of my core values, it gives me energy, inspiration, connection. It has the ability to reset me, remind me and change my perspective – its power is endless. I’m talking giggling, belly laughing, small smiles, those joyful moments of presence and appreciation for fun and for lightness. Whilst I don’t have “laugh” on my to-do list, I do take it seriously and I know that like water if I haven’t entertained a smile, a giggle or a laugh in days, then I need an intervention  purely for my survival (and for the benefit of those around me!). Laughter needs to be a priority.

Whilst spontaneous laughing, usually with others, is brilliant and difficult to beat, it’s hard to guarantee (although I always give it a red hot go!) so I make sure I have sources of humour readily available, my go-to for a genuine laugh, smile or giggle. These may be people, books, cartoons, movies, skits, shows, memes anything that truly tickles my funny bone. 

When things are overwhelming, daunting, ambiguous and heavy, humour can be that small shaft of light, the tiny crack that releases the valve and helps the pause and for us to see more, shifting us toward a different reality, lightening our load and giving us fresh eyes. We can feel how it connects us to ourselves, to others and to the universe, laughter is another key to our expansion.

Laughter is powerful, uplifting, it can fill our cup and infectiously soak those around us, I’d like to invite you to commit to more, more laughing, more smiling, more giggling and see how it feels.


Jo x

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