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L E T T E R from Jo – Moving Towards A Better Me

I love the forward motion that focusing on who you want to become creates. It puts yesterday firmly in its place, it anchors you to today but with a glittering eye on tomorrow – this is my kind of set up.

It keeps me buoyed in knowing that any action has a course correction built in, an adaptation, a flexibility that in those very rare, very few situations where I perhaps choose an action that wasn’t quite aligned to that person I am on my way to becoming (and want to become) I know I can make-good… Alright, I’ll come clean, it helps me daily *ahem*, sure we could go hourly but let’s round up.

Consider a situation where you have had an overreaction, a frustration, made a poor decision, an impaired judgement – could be related to family, friends, colleagues, work, food, exercise, meditation, financial, clothes, – it could be small or it could large…

Now, instead of relentlessly ruminating on it, feeling shamed or asking what would Oprah do (and yes I have tried that one before, it gets a bit tricky) you can work through your next best action based on the person you want to become – that person, authentically aligned to your values and your true essence – what would they do?

Sometimes the answer is uncomfortable. It may mean an apology, a backtrack, a change in plans, a hit to the ego – coming out the other side, though, is amazing. The internal pride, the inside grin, the fist pump, the bubbles of excitement as you recognise that you are indeed firmly placing a vote for you – the best you.

You can use this intention to consciously and proactively lay out your day – habits, rituals, practices that support this process of becoming that person. It’s a way of backing yourself – you supporting you. It’s a source of motivation, strength and inspiration, particularly when life gets in the way or when you’re struggling to, let’s say, get out of your warm, cosy, soft, snuggly bed at 4:55am to get to the cold, hard, gym when it’s still pitch black outside…

Love Jo x

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