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L E T T E R from Jo – Nature’s Infinite Wisdom

Whenever I feel stuck or wonder what’s the way of things Nature without fail always brings me a level of comfort. Nature shows me by doing, every day Nature presents to me a teachable moment, when I look more closely.

My Challenge: Look what everyone else is getting up to, I’m not measuring up.

Nature: Every tree, flower, plant, animal grows at a different rate, through different means and no matter how magnificent they get it doesn’t stop the magnificence from any other part of nature.

My Challenge: **waits 5 mins** This is taking ages, come on already, let’s Go.

Nature: If you want the life cycle of an alfalfa sprout then rush, otherwise, take time for things to unfurl, change and grow. It’ll be worth it. Soft, silky sand has certainly taken its time.

My Challenge: I’m holding tight, I don’t want to let go. I want this to stay the same forever.

Nature: Change is always happening, leaves grow, green, yellow, brown then gracefully let go and fall, new leaves show up, different, ready to contribute. The caterpillar enjoys its life and when ready lets go and transforms in to something so completely different to what it once was, it gets to experience a whole new world.

My Challenge: I’m feeling ineffectual, I can’t make a difference.

Nature: Look at the small acorn, given the right conditions, a giant oak can grow. Or, I present to you the mosquito…

My Challenge: I’m feeling dull and uninspired.

Nature: Welcome, come a little bit closer and look deeply in to any part of me.

Most evenings when the sun sets, I gasp with delight at the vibrancy of colours, the breathtaking scene laid out before my eyes. Wow, I had forgotten so quickly amidst the distractions of my day how gorgeous it can be, how stunning the view outside my door is, its beauty able to bring a tear to my eye, intense joy and sheer presence. How lucky am I? Thank you Nature for ultimately just being there, a steady, beautiful teacher, calmly waiting for me to notice.


Jo x

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