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L E T T E R from Jo – Note To Self

I know that change is happening always, it’s the only constant. I believe this, I feel it to be true deep in my bones and yet when I come up against it, *insert surprise-face emoji here*, it’s as though it’s my first time.

What I’m beginning to realise is that my skills at accepting then riding the waves of change are a little bit rusty. Even more so if that change doesn’t fit with my expectations about what should be happening. I reckon we all have a bit of a rebellious streak and this is no more apparent for me than when something happens that I really don’t want. So, I spend a fair bit of energy trying to reshape it, mould it, pummel it, ignore it anything to make it look different. When this inevitably doesn’t work and I finally accept it, I then try to find short cuts, ways through at pace, a skipping over, a moving on – like driving a getaway car with your eyes fixated on the rearview mirror. Laters.

Then, quelle surprise, it happens again. Who would have thought it? Not me, clearly.

It’s the discomfort part of change that I’m really trying to avoid. Like a roller coaster, there are some parts that are weeeeeee! and there are some parts that are arggggghhhhhh! However, it’s the whole ride that leaves you giddy and feeling alive when it’s over, ready to go again.

Navigating change can be challenging but letting go, moving with what’s actually happening rather than trying to manipulate it, facing it with the values I want to live by: integrity, humour and curiosity and doing so with courage and bravery all help to start shifting me toward mastery. A good reminder for when I’m out of practice.

Extra love,

Jo x

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