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L E T T E R from Jo – Only You

Nothing is original.” This statement always triggers me to try and think up something that is truly original and believe me I really try hard to think of something, anything that is original from the very start. However, so far I have always failed and it reminds me again and again that we are building upon, creating, evolving and moving forward from the place that was there yesterday.

I find this exciting.

The only constant is change and when we see this as an evolution, we are set up to contribute and to participate and be valuable regardless. Whether these are ideas, creations, ways of doing or ways of being… the foundations, the frame, the ghost of that which already exists. What we are bringing to the table, to add to, to build upon or to make our mark is ourselves and there is nothing more beautiful than that. That is the new, the fresh and the unique.

Importantly, it gives us an opportunity, a daily purpose to bring our distinction, our shape, our energy, our impact and our special sauce to the things we do, the things we create and the people we meet. What we do and how we do it shapes the world around us – this can be small or large but it is us that makes the difference.

Our contribution and participation is invaluable, especially when you consider tomorrow, when someone else builds, creates or adds from where we left off. It is that updated start point that we gave to the world that is now woven in to its evolution and inextricably part of the future. The only ask is that YOU show up remembering that while most things have been done they have yet to be done by you, so don’t hold yourself back. You and your contribution are what the world needs, in fact, it absolutely has to have to continue this great big adventure.


Jo x

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