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L E T T E R from Jo – Our Vibe Is Contagious

Have you ever sat and eaten a meal with someone who on that occasion was rushing through their food, barely chewing, barely finishing their mouthful, hastily getting through until their plate was empty? I have and I also have had the indigestion to prove it. I always feel my mouthfuls speeding up too like I’m on their team, synchronising together.

It’s the same when you walk in to a tense situation, immediately you’re on alert; or my favourite when you’re hanging out with others giggling, laughing and having a great time you can’t help but feel good, in fact it’s bloody difficult to not feel good in the face of such happy vibes. I can remember my Granny used to say to me “Don’t you smile now” (with a smile on her face) when I was feeling grumpy and much to my disgust I couldn’t help but smile every single time.

I was reading recently that as humans we automatically align our energy to match, we seek to harmonise and reflect the same energy and vibrations of those around us, all done unconsciously.

When we are acting from a place of stress, our reactions reflect this, we get defensive, we want to protect, attack or simply withdraw. Can you imagine the invitation we’ve issued to anyone else in the vicinity? Match this energy, go on! I have and of course, I have been (and likely will be again) the initiator and the initiate – the escalation is palpable, the outcome fraught. We’ve created our own energy tornado that whips around and grabs anyone within reach to join it, leaving chaos in its wake.

Luckily we have our twice daily meditation practice that gives us our grounding, the support and anchoring, creating those small spaces throughout the day before we respond, a quick breath to choose, determining the vibe, the tone in which we continue. Knowing absolutely that we create a ripple with everything we do and say and this ripple impacts others. This is not to say let’s pretend everything is okay when it’s not, because, you know what, that’s a vibration too – a sticky discomfort, I’m sure you’ve felt it before. It’s about grace, generosity and compassion with yourself and others, it’s about honesty and sweetness, humility and genuine openness.

The way we are will always impact those around us, this alone, makes me want to do better and sometimes I will and sometimes I won’t but I will keep reminding myself that I have a strong preference, desire and intention toward creating a vibe that uplifts.


Jo x

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