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L E T T E R from Jo – Priorities Maketh The Boundary

There is nothing like challenging times to bring sharply in to focus the things that are important, truly important to us.

It used to irk me that I always seemed to need to experience a crisis to wake myself up to this kind of crystal clarity… Why yes, you are very important to me, what do you mean I have never made it that clear before? What the heck had I been doing?

In the past, I have been very good at the mental note of importance, however, if you had done a time and motion study on my daily life it would have been evident that what I thought were my priorities were usually just that, priorities that stayed in my head. In action, they were almost always superseded by other stuff, things that were important to those around me, society and social norms, mindless habits and shiny distractions almost anything was high on that list except what I actually deemed to be of the utmost importance. This misalignment was unacceptable.

Boundaries keep us in check and focused on our essentials – they are valuable, keeping sacred what matters and us accountable for our choices. Boundaries need setting, maintaining and actively ratifying  – this used to sound too hard, too difficult, too restricting and too bothersome to even try…

Getting clear on my priorities was critical to setting and establishing these boundaries. It also makes enforcing them that much easier and natural. One of the best ways of helping to sort out priorities is to set them through our values. Our values in action, live in real life, being applied every day will quickly help to identify what is crucial for what we want to create, for the people we want to become and for the impact and legacy we wish to leave.

Being vigilant, ruthlessly protecting and fixating on that which is important to us will mean we can make up the moments of our days, weeks, months and years with the things we value, creating the life we consciously choose and really want. Time is wasting, keep considering if your attention and energy is reflecting what is absolutely the most meaningful to you.

Extra love this week,

Jo x

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