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L E T T E R from Jo – Same, Same But Different

I love the fact that I change. Some days may be more obvious than others and some days may seem more regressive than progressive change but it is all still change. I am different. I am not who I was just a few moments ago. How much I change and the direction is very much up to me, I am the builder, the creator of this future me. My habits, choices and actions right now determine who shows up next.

The good news is that I am in charge of all of these decisions so it’s up to me; the bad news is that I am in charge of all of these decisions… so it’s up to me. I am the sum total of all my decisions. Gulp.

Luckily at any point I can choose, shifting whatever trajectory I am on. Even when I forget that I’m in charge, or forget what is really important, or forget as soon as I remember I can adjust. Importantly, I can be compassionate, kind and generous (to myself), adjust and continue. This is possible. This is real. This is a choice.

If I believe this to be true for myself then it is also true for everyone else around me. We all change every day to various degrees. Even if it is not visible to the human eye, the change is there. Imagine if, every day we acknowledge this change of ourselves and of others – the faith and trust that we are not quite who we were. We don’t judge, we get curious and explore – if I’m different today and you are too, what are the possibilities now…

This leaves me to consider, am I updating my view of my friends, my family, my colleagues or my neighbours to reflect that whilst they may seem the same, they are actually different? What about myself? Just how much change am I willing to see?


Jo x

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