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L E T T E R from Jo – The Distraction of Other People’s Lives

With our fellow humans, there’s a line that can easily blur, crossing from inspiration, support, and connection to distraction, over-involvement, and obsession. Our fascination with other people’s lives, all their comings and goings can, on the surface, appear helpful and potentially a rich source of inspiration but we can run into challenges when we start delegating our own life moments to this pursuit.

It’s fair to say we all do it to some degree, whether its bingeing Netflix, scrolling the ‘gram, cataloguing *insert inspiring person here* every item they have, whether we’re influenced into a new food, exercise, outfit or decorative item – it happens. Wanting to be more like someone else isn’t anything new.

The watch out is the break-in connection we have to ourselves, the momentary lapse of attention we pay to our own inner dialogue as we experiment and explore what others are doing, saying and living.

Even offering unsolicited advice to a friend, family member, co-worker, stranger, no matter how well-intentioned can be a sign we have strayed. We’re investing in others ahead of ourselves.

Whilst a cliche, I can now appreciate the line “Stay in your Lane”. When I first heard this saying I thought it sounded rude, impolite and ill-mannered. What the heck, I’m only trying to help.

For sure, we can be there for others in their times of need, just as we can be enormously inspired by them. However, it is our own intuition and inner guidance, the voice from our purest self, that we tune in to. Committing our attention and making choices in alignment from our own being will lead us to a richer, deeper and more dynamic connection to the life that we’re here to experience and embrace. “You do You” (boo optional) has never sounded so sweet.


Jo x

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