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L E T T E R from Jo – The Magic Of Yet

“Yet”, a powerful word, brimming with potential and possibilities, the perfect finisher to many sentences, the opener of doors, the cheerleader of growth, it’s tiny and jam packed with promise. You can not over use it. It signals the attitude of a learner, someone who is open to developing, changing and growing. It suggests we are not static, our skills, beliefs and ways of being and doing are not set they merely reflect a point in time. We’re not there yet.

When we remain fixed or at least we believe we can not change then we begin to prove, justify and judge ourselves and others. We compare, we seek out opportunities to demonstrate our success and superiority to show we have something worthy, that we are worthy. We focus on the outcome, the result will reflect our worthiness.

When we believe we are growth in action, a long never ending roll out of continuous improvement, an unfolding, we seek out learning, we are curious, we want to hear feedback to get better, to change and to be our best selves in any moment. We value what we have and we know sometimes, some parts of us need change. We’re focused in our own lane, doing our best for ourselves. It’s an active becoming…

When you start to feel fixed about something…

I am not a yogi
I do not have clarity
I am not living on a farm

Try this: add the word yet

I am not a yogi yet
I do not have clarity yet
I am not living on a farm yet

… see how the path opens up? What do you need to “yet”?


Jo x

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