L E T T E R from Jo – The Struggle is Real – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jo – The Struggle is Real

When I first heard this it gripped my heart with a big fat YES! Tomorrow is too much day for me – so wise that honey-obsessed bear! It was short-lived, because my brain got involved…“What exactly does this mean? What precisely was Winnie talking about here? How do you know what he is saying is right?”

I had to say the sentence out loud and slowly to try and help my brain catch up.

My heart knew, it had known right away, Winnie the Pooh was on to something special. Being present to today and in the moment is enough. Meanwhile, my brain was slowly dissecting every word – “so if it’s about tomorrow how can – blah blah blah”.

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit with something knowing that in our hearts it feels true – that it’s enough to just feel it seeping through our body, lighting the way and feeling good. This can be a little slippery for our mind/intellect/brain to grasp because it is seeking something concrete and known. I don’t know about you but if there’s even a whiff of a problem to be solved, a mystery to be uncovered, my mind takes over. Then I am lost to the moment – I’m on a quest, I’m in hot pursuit of an answer and while I’m at it I’ll also rifle through my to-do list. How do I get back to that moment of feeling, of being present?

I used to find the concept of “being present” very abstract, not really understanding what it was or even felt like. I overthought it. Now when I’m off on a mind tangent, as soon as I realise it, I find anchoring in my five senses, (sometimes saying it out loud or under my breath) – what I’m feeling, tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing shifts me right back to the now.

As you navigate your days, if you struggle with being present, then have a play roll calling each of your senses and see if it helps you to re-engage in the moment.

Love Jo x

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