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L E T T E R from Jo – The Unchanging Truth

When we meditate, we begin to understand and become aware of the layers of ideas and thoughts we have about ourself that we are wrapped in. As our practice helps to melt these away, we get closer to our true selves – the essence of who we are and that which is unchanging. This starts to give us a strong anchor, a base from which to act and perceive.

It’s from here that our awareness shifts and grows, expanding to hold evermore – it’s from this vantage that we can discern the ebb and flow of life, the passing of moments, emotions, time and yet we’re still there, our very heart staying true. As always, remembering this to be the case is half the effort.

I was recently blindsided by a situation of unexpected magnitude from someone I least expected. It really rocked me and set me questioning many things including all of our interactions and ultimately their motivations.

I went head-first in to contraction. Putting all my expectations on to the other person, I began to wrestle with what to do, how to do it and getting to an outcome that could soothe my ego immediately. It was exhausting.

Even if I want to rant and rave and urgently set in motion a course of action to have it “resolved” or addressed right then, it rarely helps. It can take time, and whether I like it or not, patiently working with the situation to run its course is what I needed to fall back to.

We don’t always have the full picture, or all the information or even the perspective of the other person – we have ourselves, our values and who we want to be and this can be enough to get us through. Gently uncovering, understanding and being compassionate can get us all to a resemblance of full understanding and resolution.

We can use what has happened to set clear boundaries for ourselves and others, putting our learning in to practice and adjusting in to alignment with our authenticity. A process to be moved through.

I’m halfway there…

Our truth though, is always there, steadfast and unchanging – after all, we are the sky and all the rest is merely weather.


Jo x

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