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L E T T E R from Jo – There You Are

One thing I really appreciate about my meditation practice is that I get an amplified awareness of not just the things that truly matter, the things that really light me up, but also, the things that don’t really work for me, those things that detract and keep me hidden from who I really am deep, deep down.

Like a sculptor revealing the unique beauty hidden inside an unremarkable lump of clay, I am creating, refining and editing who I am every day and what helps most is listening to that soft and gentle voice, that instinct, that feeling of my higher self. The unchanging, true essence that is quietly revealed as you slowly peel off all the layers of fear, doubt, stressors and social conditioning. The more that I listen, pay attention and take action, the stronger and louder the connection I have and the closer I am in alignment to the most authentic version of me.

Although, it may not be quite as simple as I am potentially making it sound.

From my experience shifting from ignorance to awareness tends to be straight forward and clear, not necessarily always pleasant but ultimately you get it. Where the fun comes in is the shifting from awareness to action. It’s a little bit like the movie Groundhog Day, (**must watch to discover the meaning of life**) it can take many attempts (for me) to actually understand the depth and type of action needed, let alone to then consistently deliver again and again in all sorts of scenarios. Let’s just say it’s this part of living that I believe the idea of the journey and not the destination came about.

Yes, it is worth it – the perseverance, the iteration, the frustration, all of it – as the true you is slowly unveiled, revealed piece by piece, bit by bit, showing up wholeheartedly, a wonder to behold. Striving to be you in every breath, is a full time occupation, with no time to waste, no time to be diverted or distracted, it really is your most important job and luckily it does have your name on it…

Lots of love,

Jo x

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