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L E T T E R from Jo – Use It Or Lose It

We are all familiar with how when we stop exercising our bodies and muscles can quickly lose their strength, endurance, flexibility and shape. It’s the regular and consistent use of our muscles that keeps us fit, healthy and overall in good working order.

Learning (through a book, through a teacher, through our own mind…) is similar, simply knowing something is not enough, we need to put it in to practice, actively do, experience, try on – basically we need to use it. This Knowledge we’ve acquired, on its own, is like an intention – the idea of something – it resonates with us and potentially the person we’d like to be. The next best step is to put this in to action, apply our attention and get doing.

What’s great is that we get to choose, to decide the type of Being we are and then we get to go forth and actually do that. Without the doing, we are not bringing anything out in to the world, we are not showing up to our fullest, we are not living the life we are designing for ourselves – we are leaving it behind in our heads. All these intentions but without the corresponding actions are merely ideas, dreams, imaginings, theoretical possibilities.

The beauty we experience as soon as we start acting, doing, bringing it all to life is that we learn even more – gaining a deeper perspective, an understanding, a real knowing that we can keep iterating, shifting and changing to better reflect our take on this knowledge, this learning and the values we wish to embody.

This is your living – breathing life in to your ideas of how you want to be and then actually being that. At the end of the day, there really is no Being without the Doing.

Extra Love,

Jo x

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