L E T T E R from Jo – Watering My Grass – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jo – Watering My Grass

How many times have I looked “over there” at the green grass wishing it was under my feet? Too many to count. The idea that I’d be great over there, all my dreams would come true if I was over there, I would be really successful over there, people would love me more over there, I would love me more over there… If only I knew how to get “over there” happiness would be all mine *insert sigh*.

In recent years I’ve become aware I was chasing a #$%@! unicorn and the reality was that the grass under my own feet could be as green as I wanted with the right level of care and attention. So, as the gardener of this grassy patch, I had to work out what I needed for it to flourish…

I recognised that my view of the world, my compassion, my confidence and my capacity for innovation depend upon how expanded I am feeling. As soon as I am contracted, I get defensive, combative, or I withdraw, no wonder life looks so good somewhere else (and we all know that’s not just for me). I also know that being expanded every minute is tough, because, well you know, life.

The two things I rely upon to support me are a foundation of consistent practices (meditation, exercise, balanced eating, good sleep) and secondly, a go-to list of everyday things that easily put a smile (back) on my face (special shout out to Jerry the wonder dog).

The purpose of my go-to list is to ensure I have something that I can do pretty easily to move out of feeling contracted and in to the beginnings of expansion (like a walk around the block, a cup of coffee, hearing a joke, seeing a pic of a loved one, my feet wriggling in the sand etc..)

This list is a going concern, I keep adding to it so there will always be something that I can draw upon in a variety of situations to quickly lift and shift me.

Certainly, it’s easy to under or over water as I go, but my intention is to covet my own slice of gorgeous grassy paradise which means keeping my attention focused and my gardening tools sharp.

Love, Jo x

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