L E T T E R from Jo – We’re All On A Treasure Hunt – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jo – We’re All On A Treasure Hunt

Do you remember the last time you went searching for something that was hidden, on purpose, designed for you to find after a little effort? There’s something about a good old fashioned treasure hunt – the clues to get you to each place, the anticipation throughout, the finds on the way, the pure joy and energy barely contained as you traipse around all breathless and giddy, the frustration and disappointment at wrong turns and difficult clues… Then ultimately, arriving at that secret stash of goodness, the glorious moment when the actual treasure is found, it was all worthwhile.

Consider what it would be like to imagine ourselves as Treasure Hunters in our daily lives – moment to moment, we hold ourselves open and curious to all the clues, knowing that we can uncover and discover our very own treasure, meant just for us. Sure, there’ll be some false starts and missteps as we go but the optimism and anticipation, the knowledge that there will be such value, can shift our mindsets and transform how we perceive what is happening.

When we hunt for treasure, we’re active – alert and on the lookout for clues. We’re interested and curious because you never know where and when a clue may reveal itself. We explore, investigate, consider and reconsider. Importantly, we are leaders, empowered to make choices and be personally accountable. The clues are all steps on the way, meant for a moment in time, to point us, not to be held on to, but merely to be used to move us to the place we need to be next.

Can you feel it? The thrill of knowing that the treasure is somewhere close by, the beautiful jewels all hidden, stashed away, just waiting for us to find them …


Jo x

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