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L E T T E R from Jo – Wield Your Power!

Yes, we have power, always. Never forget this, ever.

I do. Often and I need reminding again, often. I temporarily slip in to a state of feeling powerless, usually when people and situations aren’t following the script in my head…

Remembering where your power lies is essential even if you need constant reminding. This is what you are in charge of, these are the decisions that you can make, this is you wielding your power. These are all in your control:

  • my intention
  • my attention
  • my actions
  • my reactions
  • my boundaries
  • my expectations
  • how I invest my time
  • how I treat myself, how I treat others
  • how I interpret what happens…

After having one too many experiences that left me feeling like I’d abdicated my own throne and life was happening to me, I spent a year with one very potent phrase by Maya Angelou as my guiding light…

            “If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it change your attitude to it”

It’s also a good test as to how powerful you’re feeling – how much are you owning and being accountable and how much are you giving away, slipping in to a state of powerlessness.

If the words seem too harsh then you’re forgetting the power that is in your hands – start with you and what’s in your control and act from this place. By consciously choosing, you will begin to strengthen your confidence and your feeling of leadership over your life.

If the words already feel strong and not at all challenging then you’re feeling your force, holding yourself accountable and being in charge. Go You! More this please!

This is your life, you do have control, you do have power, these are your choices -align them to those things that matter most – make them feel good for you.

Extra love,

Jo x

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