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L E T T E R from Jo – Yes, And…

Viewing our world, our lives, our experiences from a lens of abundance versus a lens of lack is something very appealing. I love the idea that it is all there for us and for others too.

It can be challenging at times when I transfer the notion of abundance and all it’s beauty in to the way I am thinking and acting in real time – taking it from an intellectual thought, all pure and attractive to truly living it. When we do embody knowledge it does take time to really soak it in and use it, but it is in the doing and the enacting that we get the real benefit.

What I have found useful is to be very clear on the truth of the situation or experience, not what I think about it, not what I wish it to be, not what I wish it not to be and even at times pretending it’s not happening. Being clear about what is, is very helpful as this starting point is the fuel for our next step.

Once I can be with the truth of it I acknowledge it with “Yes, and…” – the Yes is the signal that I’m clear-eyed (without judgment on whether it’s good, bad, right or wrong); the And.. is the start of my co-creation with nature, the universe, the creative energy, the move toward the potential and possibilities that can now happen. It effectively enables me to assert my leadership back in to the situation, I am making the choice toward openness  and the unboundedness of where this could now go – expanding beyond and overcome any sense of lack, restriction or contraction that may have held me back.

Theatre Sports or improv is one of the best examples of this – it is where actors create the whole story or scene by rolling with whatever is handed to them, using the moment to unfold spontaneously and go with the flow and the energy created from each other and the audience.

This is a great framework for us to use as we go about our days, working with the material that life gives us and then adding our own unique perspective and creativity to alchemise something even more… putting us straight in to abundance.

If you’re up for it, try out “Yes, and…” this week to see if it helps you to shift straight in to the open field of creativity and all the potential and possibilities it can offer.

Lots of love,

Jo x

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