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L E T T E R from Jo – You Love You

Imagine you are holding a container – it can be as big as you like, any shape you like and decorated just the way you like. Now, “fill it up” with all the love you have for yourself (positive thoughts, adoration, things you are good at). Observe how full your container gets … you can see this as a reflection of how much love you have for yourself which means that this is also the exact amount of love you have for others…

Hang on?? I absolutely love my children, my partner, my dog, my family, my friends waaayy more than I love myself… yikes, there might be some work to be done here.

When you are loving, compassionate and feeling great about yourself you feed this to the world and those around you. I liken it to when I’m back after a few weeks of a glorious holiday that had me relaxing, unwinding and having fun. How easy is it to navigate my life? Pretty darn easy – nothing is of concern, solutions are found, worries are easily dismissed, laughs are had, the water is rolling gently off my back, just like a duck. However, over time *pretty quickly* that holiday vibe (and with it my relaxed, groovy self) can become a distant memory. Life becomes full of friction, my patience has up and left, nothing is working out, feet are stomping – full exasperation.

Quite frankly, I can’t afford that many holidays each year…

The beautiful thing about our meditation practice is that it gets you closer to your true self, the essence of you that doesn’t change – it’s beyond the noise of your thoughts or the ideas you have about who you are… it’s pure and it’s love. You connect each time you “sit in the chair” and this is what you bring back into the world, over time filling your container up. It’s a sustainable “fresh back” from holiday vibe that meshes and merges with the trials and tribulations of daily life, anchored in the love you have for yourself.

Imagine what the world would be like if, everyday, we all acted from a deep-well of love for ourselves and then for others?

Extra love to you and me,

Jo x

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