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L E T T E R – GENTLE HOLDING Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

This week’s intention is a big one. We all know the confusing experience of having two seemingly opposing views that we can’t find peace within. When thoughts about something seem to clash as we want both views to work, but it’s easier to just take a side. At the moment, with politics and what’s happening in society, it’s easier to just take a side. However, what if we held both ‘sides’ to have truth. I am particularly seeing it in London with the Extinction Rebellion, and hearing two very very opposing sides of the story with layers of hysteria rolled in. What if we didn’t aggressively take a single side. What if we held gently in our awareness that both could, in fact, be right. We all know the concept of putting ourselves in another’s shoes, but I am personally finding it harder these days to do that with so much noise. What if we walked gently barefoot instead, not a foot in both camps, but just sat quietly in the middle for a moment…

Some journaling notes:

  • Where in my life am I aggressively taking a single side, and if I am is it serving me, and what might it look like to soften that position for a moment to consider other options?
  • What might sitting in the centre, softly holding awareness look like for me? This might be with a family issue, a work challenge or a personal relationship.
  • Where am I already brilliant at holding gentle the middle path? Where could I adopt this concept more?

Written with love,

Jac x

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