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L E T T E R – Getting Off Our Arses

The Buddhists say the root cause of suffering is our attachment to desires. It’s not our actual desires. But our attachment to them. And more often than not in today’s overwhelmed society with its million options for change and transformation, we are simply attached to the desire for change but unwilling to go through with what might need to take place. 

I am undergoing some serious shifts at the moment. On every level. It feels deep and slightly scary, and phenomenal and wonderful – and all of those things all at once. And I have been reminded of my active role in shifting and transforming. It’s all too easy to sit around wishing our way to change. Spending our time deep in finding ‘inspiration’ or ‘seeking’ and not enough time in activating and accessing what it is that we are desiring. I did that for a few months of this year. Just waited for shit to change on its own. And I know better than to do that, but it happened anyway.

What needs to take place for upleveling anything, is curiosity, experimentation, and compassion (because it rarely goes to plan, but something else is always channeling through). I had someone say to me last week, ‘well it’s all well and good for you, look where you live and how you live, anyone would be happy in that situation’. And I had to remind them gently that I have built my life from the ground up. It did not look anything like this 5 years ago. It had the framework as I had been working on it for ages, but it took serious risk, action and resolve to live the gifted life I have today. I’m not boasting, I’m hoping to motivate you. Too often we live out of a pattern and not from design. We live out of ‘should’ instead of ‘will’. And I think deep down we’re terrified of how good things could really be. Why else would we hold ourselves back? 

So today spend some time pondering how good your life could be every day if you took what it took. You’ll know deep down exactly what all this is, you just need to let this bubble to the surface. And if you’re unclear, come learn meditation with us and we’ll teach you a practice to access that clarity every day.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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