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L E T T E R – Happy New Year!!!

My absolute goodness what a year. For Arran and I, it was beyond what we imagined. I travelled to London, Los Angeles, New York, India, Melbourne and Byron Bay to teach and host Retreats. We redesigned all our branding and rebuilt our website and upgraded all our existing programs. We launched The Classroom, our online education platform. We wrote, designed, filmed, and created ENHANCE, our bumper online meditation and education program. I wrote five to six Letters to you a week every single week and aside wrote daily and also landed a book deal. We worked with such epic companies and shared intensive workshops and lectures and helped so many grow their clarity and creativity. We have donated to Fred Hollows and restored eyesight in the hundreds to our indigenous communities. We have expanded our beautiful team to include some fabulous collaborators and individuals, and I especially want to shout out to my assistant and community manager Shearry for being the backbone of what we offer our students.

Personally, I travelled to Okinawa to compete in a karate tournament that I didn’t end up competing in in a crazy situation. I studied deeply, with various teachers all over the world. I met remarkable people, built inspiring relationships and got really honest with myself about how and what I wanted to share and teach. I got really, really uncomfortable with what I uncovered in the process and then worked with it even though it was uncomfortable. Sometimes I pondered perhaps ignorance is bliss, but then decided against it. I had lots of turmoil, happiness, growth, laughs and kicks as well as exhaustion, upliftment and love. We adopted little Toofy, friends had babies, some people passed away, some got married and many separated. My daughter graduated primary school and continues to be the light in my life as we learn together. Her and I spent three weeks together traveling up the East Coast of Australia in a van, that completed with seeing Kendrick Lamar at Splendour In The Grass, what a whirlwind. Arran continues to astound me with his capacity to be a creative, curious and compassionate human being. I swam in oceans, rivers, lakes, I saw snow, floods, hail, lightning storms, and I experienced ridiculous heat. I meditated in ashrams and caves with a baba in India, monasteries in Japan, beaches in Australia, and in stairwells, Ubers, and in airport lounges.

All of this has lifted my levels of gratitude to new heights. And, in and amongst this crazy wonderful mess that is my life, I also had conflict and I had heartbreak. I want to recognise it and my role within it all. And I want to invite you to do the same. May I recommend you take the time to pen down all that you experienced this year and all that you are grateful for. Align yourself with the enormity of it. Experience insane amounts of gratitude for all of it. Life is seriously too short to do anything but this, and to fill ourselves up with love instead. As we step together out of 2018, let’s go with peace in our hearts and our minds.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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