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L E T T E R – HIGH VIBRATION Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

Our High Vibrational Challenge begins on Thursday and spans two weeks, and you’re invited to join us! This special Challenge will see us collectively raise our vibrations through deepening our mediation practice, rest, staying hydrated and eating high-grade food, exercise and practices and daily intentions to be at our best, pausing things like sugar, alcohol, and gossip!

The link is HERE for the whole program. There is also a private Facebook Group, for those that use FB and wish to join in, but the program itself has all you need without it.

To begin the week Journal on these prompts;

  • What does high vibrational living mean to me personally?
  • What do I already know raises my vibration and am I doing those things now?
  • What lowers my vibration and why?
  • How do I feel when I’m at my personal optimum?
  • How disciplined am I prepared to be to align to that?

Written with love,

Jac x

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