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L E T T E R – How To Proceed

I used to play a game many years back, that I nicknamed Ram Dass Roulette. I listened ferociously to Ram Dass talks, from the 70’s all the way through to now, when driving in my car, or walking in the morning. When I had a challenge going on in life, and I was confused or upset or utterly lost, I would pull out my phone with all the talks on it, literally hundreds, and flick through them eyes closed and land my finger on one and then open my eyes and listen to that. It was every single time, for about two years, like Ram Dass was directly speaking to the issue I had at hand. It was utterly spooky and wonderful all at once.

Ram Dass has been a huge influence on me, as I have always found him honest, humorous and very willing to own his own stuff and share his processes and sequences. He’s never claimed to be of a high spiritual consciousness and is simply authentic. I was very fortunate to receive a private mentoring session with him, over Skype as he’s in Maui, which I had on Friday. He only does 4 of these a month, and I had to wait a few months. I got a little bit nervous waiting for his call to come through and then suddenly there he was, beaming and grinning through on my iPad. Technology is always a trip like that for me.

There were so many beautiful things he shared, but one, in particular, I wanted to share with you. We were discussing overthinking, and he said the key to over thinking, especially negative thoughts, is to love them. Love each and every thought. Drop all ideas about ‘oh I shouldn’t be thinking that thought’ or ‘ugh why do I have this thought’ etc and just love all the thoughts for what they are. I said well I will be doing a lot of loving because I have a ridiculous amount of thoughts. When we spoke about the ego, I said one of my biggest fears was that mine was ginormous. He said, you have to love it too. All of it, all of the ego, and ‘no taming or mastering’ of the ego. Just love it. I replied well with all the overthinking and the size of my ego, I sure will have a lot of love happening and then we both cracked up laughing. And he said yep, that’s the point.

Sent with love, extra love today,

Jac x

If you have no idea who Ram Dass is you can see his site here and I would really recommend his new book with Mirabai, Walking Each Other Home, as well as Be Here Now (a tome) and Polishing The Mirror. Also, his podcasts are Be Here Now, and in truth, I fast forward past the introduction straight into Ram Dass talking.

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