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L E T T E R – How Will We Choose To Really Live?

There is so much programming involved, in how we think we should be living. Paradigms created by so many people that influenced as we grew up, or insisted we be a particular way. So many barricades and ‘socially unacceptable’ things that we just accepted as it was all we knew. 

Then we grow up, and we get to create a whole new way of living. If we choose. No one really sits us down do they, hold us by the shoulders and says, ‘You can be whoever you want. You can throw away all you have created and start again, at any moment. You can flow with consciousness and creativity and love to the degree that you allow yourself. You don’t need to be bound anymore, you are free’.

That’s the sit down we need to have with ourselves. We need to ask, seriously, of our souls, how are we going to spend the rest of this lifetime? Are we going to see it as a gift, or begrudge it? Are we going to strengthen, or struggle? Are we going to open ourselves up to life, or close down to it? 

Sent with love, 

jac x

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