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L E T T E R – Humility and Service

I spent most of Friday emailing back students who had applied for the scholarship of Be Your Best Self. We committed to giving away ten of this program to students and readers that emailed us with what they feel held them back from being their best self this past year and their commitment in 2019. The submissions were overwhelming and far beyond what we expected. The responses were honestly so awe-inspiring and raw. Holy shit what some people have to go through in a single year is barely comprehendible. The accountability and the drawing on deep truths were so inspiring.

We ended up gifting it to every single person that applied, because why the heck not. When you have the means to give, it’s the most rewarding experience. It was a gift for me to be able to read all the submissions, and I mean this honestly, not in a sappy BS way. I sat on my deck with my laptop pounding away, and sometimes in tears. After I finished I went for a swim in the ocean and lay there literally dumbstruck by the remarkable people we get to be in contact with through The Broad Place. Their bravery, honesty, tenacity. And I honestly think we all have this within us. Sometimes we might not have people to share it with, and this is why I think community or even just one person to hear us is so powerful. Most wrote that by just writing it all out, they felt healed and clearer.

So I want to use today’s Letter to invite you to be of service in any small way you can. Open up conversations that are raw and honest and truthful. See every experience as a gift, every interaction as the universe curating it. Whatever you can give, give it.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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