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L E T T E R – Inner Force

I’ve been meditating for a very long time, and this inner force is the most powerful tool I know for living more authentically and creatively. There is a field of creative intelligence, something greater than us, that strings the whole thing together that we can access through transcendence. I tried SO many different meditation techniques that were about bobbing along just under the surface of the mind. Yes, the Fight/Flight response was turned off momentarily but accessing something deeper than our thoughts about ourselves was not. Unlocking old stress, tension and fatigue was not. Doing the six times dirty but necessary work was not. The sometimes blissful and remarkable, was not available it was just sitting eyes closed either being distracted by someone guiding me through something or being utterly frustrated at not being able to cleanse my mind of thoughts! I explain to students that different meditation techniques are like tidying the lounge room (looks nice for a while) versus getting down deep and cleaning the entire space, moving furniture and dusting ceilings and REALLY cleaning it. 

If we don’t allow the mind to saturate in something every day outside of our own thoughts about ourselves, our ideas and beliefs and prejudices and biases, how can we truly transform? How do we know our moral compass intently? How do we act on intuition and instinct if we’re not in alignment with the source of it? 

So today as you battle with your schedule and finding twenty minutes to sit for your Vedic Meditation practice, be reminded of the depths of the practice we do, and that we are creating a powerful connection to something deeper every time we sit. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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