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L E T T E R – Inside Out

It’s tempting to think that all the answers lie outside of us. It allows us to hold others responsible. To blame others if life doesn’t go to plan if we don’t feel spiritual enough, grateful enough if the work isn’t going our way, the ‘path’ not quite right, the manifestation isn’t quite to the depth we wanted.

We are however living within an inside-out projection of ourselves, every day. The exterior is simply whatever we believe it to be, our lives literally built on the foundation of our thoughts, consciousness, and beliefs and paradigms.

Therefore the inside work is the real work, where we ourselves must be accountable to ourselves. When we not only acknowledge but accept that our entire world is generated from within us, then we have ourselves to hold accountable, which is frankly, quite uncomfortable sometimes.

So instead of sitting with this discomfort and accountability, we have extremes moving externally. On one end of this spectrum we have people lost to a single teacher or ‘guru’, tethered emotionally and spiritually to a particular person or a train of thought or philosophy, and then on the other end of the spectrum, there is a crazy amount of dabbling. As we are currently in LA, I hear more often than I do in other cities, about the ‘inner work’, which can also become an obsession. There’s someone available to make every decision for you if you want; astrologers, life coaches, mentors, shaman’s, spiritual guides, every kind of physical healer you can ever imagine and so forth available for your every meltdown, your every decision and your every worry. Which can become a severe offloading responsibility. When wonderful people guide us in our lives, inspire us to be our best selves, it can be healthy. However when we are addicted to, and reliable on others to govern our lives, we are in a hot spot. And I see this occur in spirituality and wellness more than any other area I have ever seen it.

We can have teachers, guides, spiritual leaders, and educators, as well as we books, experiences and so on trigger truth inside of us, but it’s all happening inside of us. If it sounds ‘perfectly right’ or ‘spot on’ or is enlightening, it’s because, on some level, you already know it. I don’t think we can know it all, so we have people and experiences to help us learn. To learn that which we already know.

What I hope to inspire you with these Letters, is simply a daily commitment to kindness, self-understanding, boundaries, expansion, and alignment with nature. If you’re meditating daily, you’ll be having more of these experiences naturally. And if you’re not meditating, which I might add is completely fine, I hope these letters provide a little inspiration to live a fuller life.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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