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L E T T E R – INTEGRITY Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

Integrity was once beautifully described to me as doing the right thing even if no one was looking. I feel very strongly that in the digital age this concept is even more important for us, as so many hide behind the curtain of anonymity. Bullying, shaming, and hate can be used, without accountability.

Getting even broader, I feel integrity is essential as a human being. It’s knowing oneself deeply and staying in alignment. I was private mentoring a student this past week on her values, and we both agreed that Michelle Obama has so much integrity. Even as campaigning partner, First Lady, author, touring speaker, you can feel the essence of who she is shines through so brightly. Jacinda Arden’s handling of the New Zealand attack has so much integrity, she stayed true to who she was, combining compassion and empathy with swift action. She was strong and resilient, yet vulnerable and devastated simultaneously. Role models are incredibly helpful for this one.

So some things to journal this week for our collective intention setting are:

  • Create your own personal definition of integrity
  • Who are your role models of integrity and why?
  • Where in your life are you in integrity and where are you not (or to the degree that you want)
  • Where would you like to enhance your integrity, and what might this look like?

I hope this week grants you a full week of integrity and fulfillment.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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