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L E T T E R – Is The Future Bright?

I hope this is how life feels for you, I really do.

Arran and I have spent some time recently getting realigned with each other, what we hope for in our lives, what we are building together and what it might look like over the next few years and the next ten years and longer. Full of promise, I am also vastly, urgently and so deeply it hurts aware, that we have no idea how long we have to live our lives together. It makes planning beautiful, bittersweet and poetic. And it pulls me deeply into daily life. To be sure not to get too attached to a future vision whilst stone skimming through the days, because the brightness is so tantalising.

I am asked all the time what the most important thing Arran and I have done to bring more creativity and clarity into our lives, and I can honestly say it’s our daily practice of Vedic Meditation. From this foundation, we were able to build something so much better for ourselves. So if you’re honestly looking into your future and feeling bleak instead of bright, I recommend you learn and start your daily practice. It’s the single most successful thing I have done daily to expand my consciousness, understand myself better and enhance my creativity.

Emily and I teach this in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Los Angeles, NYC and London. If you’re in one of those cities send me an email and I can send you our dates (Melbourne, I am coming late June if you’re interested, you can read more here!) and you can see more info and our cute animation on integrated meditation here. If you wish to learn with someone else, there are lots of great teachers. My recommendation is to find one you really connect with. That lives the kind of life that inspires you. That is putting back where they can and giving generously of themselves. That is dedicated to helping others and dedicate their lives to this. These are the kinds of teachers we desire and you have to really look for them and be discerning.

We have a Bridging Course also that is for students that have already learnt with another teacher. It’s for those that wish to deepen their practice and knowledge, to dive into the online education program we have for Integrated Meditation, resit the course with us, have their kids learn as a gift from us, and be a deeper part of our community with our private online forum. If you’re interested in this we can give you more information too, send an email to my wonderful assistant Shearry info@thebroadplace.com.au and she’ll help you out.  We would love to have you a part of what we are continually creating and refining.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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