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L E T T E R – Judgement

When we are building something, a business, a relationship, our spiritual development, our education, our parenting, it’s so easy to stay locked in the mind. Trapped in the intellect. And with this comes old conditioning, all the judgement comes up, all the comparison. If you want to meet a really mean bunch of people, go hang out with kids at school. It’s one comparison after another, one nasty comment, excluding, bullying, a stream of it. They are honestly relentless! I think the school playground is far more brutal than at the executive level of most companies! And we have programmed in a lot of that. 

Ironically, I have experienced more bullying in spiritual circles than in corporate. I have experienced more sharp competitiveness in meditation teachers than I did when we had our creative agency and were competing for clients with other agencies. I have seen people lose it angrily on meditation retreats, I have seen people jostle with hostility for the front spot in front of a teacher. It was a shock to be honest, as I thought it would be like a mini smurf land, all singing lalalala and holding hands, mung beans, sunny days and kindness whilst breathing in incense and love. Now I find competitiveness and lack of authenticity amusing. As where there are humans there will be human nature. 

I used to be all over everyone and their behaviours, look at that person, ‘not being very spiritual’ and ‘look how mean they are’ and how out of alignment they are!! Sheesh. I was deeply a part of the problem. Now I just I figure until we are perfected human beings we just keep our eyes on our own page, or as my dear friend Adele says, ‘stay in our own lane’. And the fact that the people I have met that are close to being perfected human beings have all been incredibly light, are void of all judgement. They are beyond it, and are filled simply with love and kindness. Compassion, empathy for the human condition. What a beautiful thing. 

So let’s start with the heart, and then understand the mind and intellect are really just tools in making stuff happen, and leave all the other mind nonsense at the door. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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