L E T T E R from Jac – July Byron Bay Retreat Announcement!! – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – July Byron Bay Retreat Announcement!!

I am honestly so in awe of how the universe works. Two months back we were to be in Australia in July to launch our book on High Grade Living, and in conjunction host our wonderful Retreat at Atlantic. The book got pushed back to 2021. All The Broad Place Retreats and projects got cancelled. London fell apart for us. Then heartbroken we decided to move back, as Kim (from Atlantic who you’ve likely met) rang me and said ‘enough, come home, live at Atlantic until you find your feet’. So we did. Our second home of Atlantic became our home. And as the universe likes to seemingly have a huge belly laugh at my FREAKING OUT at times, we then found a beautiful house, friends of friends in Brunswick – 10 mins from Byron and moved in here promptly. Living up here in the Northern Rivers is such a surreal experience from having been here twice a year or more for the last 8 years since launching The Broad Place, having loved it insanely, we are now fully immersed here. The Retreat we had penned for July, I have been pining to hold, and so many of you have been asking and hoping like us, that it can go ahead. We have confirmed that groups of 20 are going to be okay for July (thus far, unless something changes) and so WE CAN PROCEED! 

This Retreat won’t be about the book, as that is launching pre Christmas now (YAY!) – and I have been busting to create a whole Retreat on ALIGNMENT. So this Retreat will follow that theme on every level. How do we work on living in alignment with our higher selves? How can we bring our intentions and actions closer together? How can we bridge the gap between who we ARE and who we THINK we should be? It will be a rich undertaking, and we have a few surprise excursions planned amongst it with a whole new format. Integrated Meditation will be on offer as a course as always and also Rounding tuition daily, with Workshops and Talks and a focus on immersing ourselves into nature. Think fire pits and rainforests and brisk Winter walks on the beach to see the sunrise! Think beautiful food and medicinal tonics and treats, all about harmonising your gut, your mind and body on every level. If you feel the call to completely reset and come out of isolation with more clarity and self kindness, this Retreat is for you.

You can find all the details HERE.

With deep love, 
Jac x

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