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L E T T E R – Meditation and Our Thinking

This is one of the greatest gifts of transcendence that our meditation technique gifts us – moving beyond one’s thoughts. This provides us with a framework for the mind to settle into something other than it’s constant stream of thoughts, even momentarily. We saturate in something deeper than our views of the world, into pure consciousness or soul consciousness as it’s sometimes also called.

It’s where our intuition and creativity lie. Touching base with this daily enhances our experience of the world continuously. Meditating twice a day ramps up that enhancement. And what’s really intriguing about the whole thing is that over time our thinking shifts. Things that used to bug us no longer do. We become less attached to every little tremor the mind creates. Our thinking becomes more fluid and simultaneously more expanded. We can take more of the picture in and we are less narrow and tight in our thoughts.

This in turn, given that everything we think we become, means that we too holistically become more expanded, more creative, more clear. The true essence of who we are starts to be revealed, and is not overwhelmed by our old negative ways of thinking. Who others are in our lives also begins to be revealed, and this too is not gripped by our old thoughts and beliefs.

And our whole world starts to open up.

I love nothing more that hearing stories from students about how their reactions are completely changing. What they worried about before is dissolving. And they are finding themselves happy for no reason, where before it was always tethered to something being acquired, or happening. And with the din of crazy thoughts bring turned down, and the more truthful, dynamic, loving, compassionate thinking being turned up, life becomes more playful.

I’m writing this as I am on my way to Melbourne today to share a Course in Integrated Meditation with new students there, and I am thrilled to also be touching base and connecting with existing students. Watching the new students transform over a few simple days and the older students walking through new and evolving experiences of the world. All because they commit to practicing 20 minutes once or twice a day. What a trip. The whole thing is such an honour and a joy.

Today, if you’re not feeling it at all, meditate anyway, because something fascinating is happening regardless.

Sent with love,

Jac x


I hope I can share with you soon this meditation, we made a cute little video HERE if you want a snapshot and for those of you that have already learnt, I would love to connect with you again in Sydney at our Gathering with Erin Lovell Verinder, check out the details HERE.

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